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Show Coupon Before Test

Hi everybody. I'm Sean, your friendly Valero smog technician.

Please remember to present your coupon before your test.

Prices with your coupon including your certificate are as follows:

2000 & newer cars $38, trucks $48 / 1996-1999  test $58 / 1995 and older $ 68

RV $99


Things to consider before test:

If engine light /service engine soon light is on, that means its going to fail do to emission related problems.

If your car is equipped with after market parts, it needs the EO# or CARB# to verify its the right part for the car, or it will not pass.

If you had your engine light reset, dead battery, replaced battery, there is a drive cycle necessary to complete obd monitors or it will fail . consult your mechanic.

There is no free failed test. there will be charge minus dmv fee.

The benefit of doing the test with problems is for your own good. I will provide you a detailed report card for your mechanic to diagnose and repair properly.

Thank you for visiting Valero website :)

504 ave de la estrella san clemente ca 92672

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